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Take time to Exercise

Regular intentional exercise is scientifically proven to enhance your quality of life. The benefits are amazing!Join The New Lifestyle at the Hilliard Community Center each Saturday morning from 9:45-10:30, and each Monday and Thursday morning from 10:15-11:00.You do not need to be a member of the Community Center to exercise with us.Save money by prepaying $50 at the beginning of each month. This includes all classes! The drop in fee is only $7.The mission of The New Lifestyle is to inspire you to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle filled with joy and hope.Lifestyle consists of your daily activities and behavior. It includes your work and leisure time, your socialization, your exercise and eating, your spirituality, your thoughts.Designed to fuel your mind and body with positive healthful habits, the purpose of The New Lifestyle is to improve health, prevent disease and disability, and enhance quality of life. Intentional movement is essential.I personally encourage you to develop fitness habits for life. I coach customized functional exercises to serve your fitness needs. Check out my website and Facebook and talk to me about how I can serve you. You may attend my group classes or schedule a small group or personal coaching appointment.More than just exercise – a proactive approach to a healthier lifestyle.

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