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Be Your Own Boss

As business leaders, we devote considerable time recruiting, retaining, and fostering team members. We develop specific plans and guide team members to reach goals and move our business forward. We hold our employees accountable for their actions and results.Yet, when it comes to our own health and wellness, we often fall short. We lack direction, specific and measurable goals allude us, and we don’t hold ourselves accountable.

Consider for a moment what would change if we treated our fitness and nutrition with the same expectations and guidelines as we apply to our team members.

·       Find the best fit for you. Not all fitness or nutrition programs are for all people. Just as you hire the employee who will best fit your company’s culture, you need a wellness plan that you will enjoy and fits your lifestyle.

·       Understand what motivates you. Why do you want to be more active? What will you gain by developing healthy habits? We work so hard to understand our employees, yet often ignore our personal motivating factors.

·       Set clear, realistic expectations and goals for yourself. Write down what you plan to accomplish and the time frame for your goals. Map out a plan of how you will reach your goals.

·       Check in with yourself. Consider the 30-day check in we have with a new employee. How are things going? What has been successful in your fitness and nutrition plan and what challenges have you faced? What new actions will you take to continue moving forward with your plan?

·       Setbacks in business are inevitable, as are setbacks on the path to improved health and wellness. Team members are encouraged to use setbacks as learning opportunities. Let’s do the same with our fitness and nutrition. Did you skip a workout? Maybe an accountability partner would be helpful. Indulge too much on food and drink over the weekend? Plan for how you will avoid that same scenario next weekend.

·       Sometimes you just have to laugh. Keeping a sense of humor in business is important for our sanity. Don’t be afraid to laugh with yourself. The journey is a lot more fun when we can keep our perspective. I once laughed my way through an entire Zumba class because I was so clumsy. But I had fun and man, did I sweat!

·       There’s no such thing as perfection. If anyone has ever hired a “perfect” employee, then congrats! Missteps happen in the workplace and in our quest for better health. Don’t beat yourself up when you stumble. Just as you would tell your team member, “Learn from it, laugh at it if appropriate, move on and try to do better tomorrow.”

There’s so much to learn when we examine our business lives and apply those lessons to our personal lives. If we need help with our business, we hire an expert or consultant. If you need help with your health and wellness plan, consider a personal trainer. GYMGUYZ Northwest Columbus can help by bringing nationally certified personal trainers to your home or office with convenient, customized, and creative workouts.  Call 614-943-4466 or visit for more information.

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