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Skip the Gym and Get In Shape!

How many times have you said “I would work out 3-4 times a week if I just had more time.”? With our busy lives, hours on the treadmill is not only not happening, it’s just not effective. There’s a better way to exercise – a method that is efficient and effective.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combines short periods of intense activity alternating with periods of less strenuous activity or rest. One example is sprinting for 15 seconds and then walking or lightly jogging for 45 seconds. Repeat this 10 times and you have a serious fat burning workout! Don’t let the HIGH intensity scare you – it’s relative to each person’s fitness level.

Research has shown that HIIT has major benefits, aside from simply saving us lots of time. These top 5 benefits might convince you to devote a short amount of time to improving your health.

1.       Burn More Fat. There’s no way around it – to burn fat, you have to increase your heart rate through cardiovascular exercise. Studies show that shorter, high-intensity workouts burn more fat than working for a long period at 50-60% of your maximum effort. Work harder for a shorter period and burn more fat.

2.       Suppress Your Appetite. Research shows that the hormone that makes you hungry is suppressed when you perform HIIT workouts, so you won’t be ravenous after your workout and undo all of that hard work!

3.       All You Need Is YOU! That’s right, no equipment necessary. By combining simple bodyweight movements you can elevate your heart rate AND get an amazing strength workout. Think jumping jacks combined with pushups, or burpees combined with squats.

4.       Stoke Your Metabolism. Because we consume more oxygen during higher intensity exercise than during steady state exercise (like walking), our bodies will continue to burn fat even AFTER the your HIIT session is completed. Feel the afterburn!

5.       It Takes Less Time. Because you’re working harder but for a shorter period of time, HIIT is a very effective way to get major benefits of a workout without spending endless hours at the gym. We won’t promise you that the HIIT workouts will be easy, but they will definitely be effective and efficient!

If you’re starting a new fitness routine, having a personal trainer is the best way to make sure you are exercising with proper form and technique in order to avoid injury. Give GYMGUYZ Northwest Columbus a call at 614-943-4466. You’ll save even MORE time when we bring our creative and customized workouts right to your home or office! You can find us on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.  

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